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Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

I once worked for a corporation that had its offices close to a river. It was a beautiful location with great views. Lunch-hour walks became the most satisfying part of my workday.

Something I witnessed along my walking path one day, completely changed how I had perceived and practiced my talks up until that day.

On a dry summer day, as I was walking, I heard a distant but faint voice. I stopped and listened. It sounded more like a one-way talk than a conversation.

As I walked closer, I saw a man standing at the edge of the riverbank, facing the river and talking. He was talking with a full voice. His animated hand gestures and occasional shake and nod of his head were very visible.


Sheen Brisals

Engineer. Architect. Leader. Writer. Speaker. At The LEGO Group. AWS Serverless Hero. AWS Community Builder

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