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Working with Serverless often makes us feel like being part of a musical. There is orchestration, choreography, and in fact, serverless has its own musical and a folk song too!

Several patterns help us with serverless adoption. AWS Step Functions is often used to perform orchestration. …

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Amazon EventBridge is becoming one of the widely used serverless services of AWS. Along with the expanding set of features, its industry adoption is also growing fast.

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easier to connect applications with data from a variety of sources.

One of…

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Serverless adoption brings promises to many organizations! Promises of cost efficiency, engineering efficiency, and business efficiency. However, serverless is not a technology that, once successfully adopted, can be left unattended to rust.

The motivation to adopt serverless should never be to get the job done and never look back. If…

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My previous article discussed the benefits of threat modelling while developing serverless applications. In this article, I will explain the process of conducting threat modelling, documenting the threats, attackers, and mitigation steps.


As we briefly saw in my previous article, STRIDE is a methodology widely used in threat modelling. The…

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This is the first of a two-part series on threat modelling in serverless.

In this first article, we discuss the threats related to a serverless application and build a case for incorporating threat modelling as part of the development process.

In the second part, I will explain the threat modelling…

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Scale-to-zero and pay-per-use have been the main drivers for many organizations adopting serverless. Given the premise, the motivation behind everyone going serverless is to reduce the cost of operation. Almost every serverless success story revolves around the cost factor.

Misguided Cost Comparisons

There was a time when I used to compare the cost…

6:30 AM. A bright day is dawning. I am walking briskly through a leafy path.

My ears are free!

No electronics jammed into my ears!

No heavy metal pumping into my head!

No soothing music floating in my heart!

No talk-show host influencing my decisions!

I am listening to the…

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AWS re:Invent 2020 is coming to us this time. With hundreds of sessions and talks to attend, choosing the right ones can be a challenge!

Here, I am adding here a list of sessions that I identified that I thought would benefit a serverless engineer. Not all sessions are on…

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I had a humble beginning with Amazon DynamoDB. I heard that DynamoDB was the place to store the sessions in a serverless environment. So I created a table.

Many recommended the session identifier (ID) as the Partition Key (PK) and a timestamp attribute to store the creation time. …

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