AWS re:Invent 2022 — My Selection Of Sessions


Sessions catalog

  • The sessions below mainly include Breakout sessions and chalk talks — Session title, code, time, location
  • There are overlaps in my selection as I can’t be sure whether I will manage to reserve places for my preferred sessions.
  • Time in re:Invent Las Vegas time


Tuesday — Thursday

  • Caesars Forum in Forum 135
  • Mandalay Bay on Level 2 in Oceanside D
  • MGM on Level 1 in the Marquee Ballroom
  • The Venetian on Level 1 in Hall G
  • Wynn in Cristal 2


  • Caesars Forum in Forum 135
  • The Venetian on Level 1 in Hall G

Lunch: Monday — Thursday

  • Caesars Forum in Forum 135
  • Mandalay Bay on Level 2 in Oceanside D
  • MGM on Level 1 in the Marquee Ballroom
  • The Venetian on Level 1 in Hall G
  • Wynn in Cristal 2

Monday Welcome reception

Monday, November 28

Building next-gen applications with event-driven architectures

Building modern API architectures: Which front door should I use?

Effective multi-tenant solutions using Amazon Aurora Serverless v2

Unleash developer productivity with infrastructure from code

Thinking serverless: From business problem to serverless solutions

Understanding design in event-driven architecture

Building a cell-based microservices architecture on AWS for hyperscale

Leading beyond line of sight: Amazon’s two-pizza teams

Dive deep into Amazon DynamoDB using design puzzles

Building a multi-Region serverless application with AWS AppSync

Building secure serverless applications on AWS

Deploy modern and effective data models with Amazon DynamoDB

The well-architected way

Architecting secure serverless applications

Monday Night Live with Peter DeSantis
7:30 PM — 9:00 PM
Level 2, Hall F, Venetian

Tuesday, November 29

Adam Selipsky Keynote

8:30 AM — 10:30 AM
Level 2, Hall F, Venetian

Build production-ready prototypes rapidly using serverless patterns

Migrate from a relational database to Amazon DynamoDB

Resilient and well-architected applications with chaos engineering

Building global event-driven applications

Best practices for advanced serverless developers

Supercharge your serverless application with AWS Lambda extensions

Cost optimization for Amazon DynamoDB

Operational best practices for event-driven architectures

Practical experience with a serverless-first strategy at Capital One

AWS Lambda Powertools: Lessons from the road to 10 million downloads

Amazon’s DevOps culture

Reliable scalability: How scales in the cloud

Lift and shift a web application to serverless: Yes, it’s possible!

Refactoring to serverless

Wednesday, November 30

Swami Sivasubramanian Keynote

8:30 AM — 10:30 AM
Level 2, Hall F, Venetian

Chaos engineering with AWS Fault Injection Simulator

API-first functionless application architectures with AWS AppSync

Continuous innovation in AWS threat detection & monitoring services

Data modeling best practices with Amazon DocumentDB

Tuning AWS Lambda event source mappings

A closer look at AWS Lambda

Building and operating a data lake on Amazon S3

Domain-driven design and event storming

Observability patterns for highly available applications

Accelerate GraphQL API app development & collaboration with AWS AppSync

Serverless stream processing with AWS Lambda, Amazon Kinesis & Kafka

A day in the life of a billion requests

Why build a cloud center of excellence?

Building high-performance HTTP APIs on AWS with Rust

Automated testing for serverless applications

Understanding and implementing observability for serverless

Still integrating or already building distributed applications?

Beyond five 9s: Lessons from our highest available data planes

Deep dive into Amazon Aurora and its innovations

Sustainability in AWS global infrastructure

Adopting microservices: Decompose, apply Strangler pattern, repeat

How Buy with Prime built a resilient multitenant SaaS architecture

Understanding AWS Lambda concurrency

How to build a smart doorbell with AWS serverless

Build a serverless data streaming workload with Amazon Kinesis

Designing resilient serverless architectures

Smart serverless architecture for smart manufacturing (sponsored by Capgemini)

AWS data protection: Using locks, keys, signatures, and certificates

Building real-world serverless applications with AWS SAM

Dive deep on AWS networking infrastructure

What’s new in Amazon Athena

Application integration patterns for microservices

Thursday, December 1

Werner Vogels Keynote

8:30 AM — 10:30 AM
Level 2, Hall F, Venetian

Building well-architected serverless applications

Modern cloud applications: Do they lock you in?

Create real-time, event-driven apps with Amazon EventBridge & AWS

Zero-friction AWS Lambda instrumentation: A guide to extensions

Advanced serverless workflow patterns and best practices

Build your application easily & efficiently with serverless containers

Let’s write a microservice using AWS Lambda (or maybe not)

What’s new with serverless

Building Serverlesspresso: Creating event-driven architectures

Building observable applications with OpenTelemetry

How Capital One accelerates innovation with AWS databases

AWS Lambda performance tuning: Best practices and guidance

Designing event-driven integrations using Amazon EventBridge



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