My Serverless Cold-Start And How I Stay Warm!

Reception area of the LEGO Group’s London office.

The Special Meetup

The special talk & talk

Source Serverless London

Soaking In Serverless

Serverless Architectures

S3, Lambda, and SQS combo!

Data pipeline. Source Author

First ever serverless microservice!

First ever serverless microservice. Source Author

Travelling With Serverless

Early influencers

Support of The LEGO Group

The trust and encouragement from the leadership team and the stakeholders made our serverless adoption a great success.

Many more collaborations

Source AWS

Staying Warm

Being inspired

Being an influencer

The AWS Serverless Hero title gets me recognition but that’s not enough to influence others.

Technology awareness

If I try to be a jack of all trades, I am equally aware that I will become master of none!

Community contribution

Effective speaking or writing is all about packing the content in the right way for the right audience. After all, when we talk about technology, we want everyone to understand and adopt, don’t we?

Knowing my limits

Being humble

When we connect with teams that migrate workloads from legacy to serverless or coming from a traditional development environment, we need to get to their level first before uplifting them to the advances of serverless.

Will I Timeout?



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