The Significance Of Solution Design In Serverless Developments — Part I

Sheen Brisals
8 min readDec 20, 2021

Many in the industry say that Serverless is easy to get started! It’s always good to have that kind of positive perception. After all, we need technologies that everyone can adopt quickly.

Does this perception of serverless always live up to the expectation? After the start, is it easy to keep going?

The ‘Quick-and-Easy’ Syndrome

Engineers demonstrate how easy it is to develop and run serverless applications in minutes. This early success often makes us get carried away. We try and replicate this ‘quick-and-easy’ mantra for everything.

Teams initially experiment serverless with something small. Elated with their initial success, they keep piling things on top to maintain their success streak. It can lead them into unpleasant situations.

Spaghetti code, big ball of mud, monolith stack, unstructured repository, tangled communications, coupled services, and other similar terms soon get attributed to such a situation.

Picture showing services criss-crossing.
Big Ball of Mud. Source

Developing serverless applications that can evolve as per business demands require more than a…



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