Why Sustainability OF The Cloud Is Important To Serverless

Sheen Brisals
7 min readMay 5, 2022

In Part I: Think Sustainability While Developing Serverless Applications, we discussed why sustainability is applicable in serverless developments.

In Part II: How To Build Sustainable Serverless Applications, we looked at the longevity of applications and ways to sustain them.

In Part III: How To Practice Sustainable Development Processes In Serverless!, the focus was on the development processes that help build the solutions.

In this Part IV, we switch our attention to the cloud and understand the shared responsibilities between the cloud provider and service consumers.

Recap: The Serverless Sustainability Triangle

The Sustainability Triangle shows how the three aspects of sustainability in serverless development are interrelated.

The Serverless Sustainability Triangle. Source Author.

Serverless Backstage Tour

Backstage tours are famous in theater districts. They are eye-openers to see how the elegance of a play gets formed and delivered. The costumes, the sets, the lighting, the sound, and others give us an insight into what goes behind the curtains.

Now, imagine if AWS invited us for a backstage tour of an Availability Zone (AZ)? Wouldn’t it be an awesome experience? Or, a technical walk-through of Amazon CloudWatch, to know how it functions under the cover to track the usage of every service?

Do we ever think how a managed-service is managed?

The serverless ecosystem on AWS comprises managed services such as DynamoDB, S3, SQS, and EventBridge, to name a few. As consumers, we don’t necessarily need to know how they operate under the cover, but the knowledge can enrich us to make better architectural and environmental decisions.

Service Spotlight: DynamoDB

DynamoDB is one of the most loved and easy-to-use managed databases. We create and delete tables and add and remove data without any detailed thoughts.



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