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Accelerating innovation with serverless on AWS — AWS re:Invent 2022. My part from 12th minute
Road to Event-Driven Architecture at — Event-Driven Architecture Day London 2022
The Adoption And Operation Of Serverless — Voxxed Days Athens 2022
Sustainability in serverless — ServerlessDays Paris 2022
Serverless Patterns — NDC London 2022
Amazon EventBridge Deep Dive — AWS User Group South Wales
Accelerating Innovation with Serverless — re:Invent 2020
The Serverless Journey of — re:Invent 2019
To Serverless and Beyond — ServerlessDays Cardiff
Microservices Communication with Amazon EventBridge — AWS Event
Serverless Journey — ServerlessDays Milan
From Oops… to Ops! Serverless Stories — ServerlessDays Warsaw
Shillings in Serverless — ServerlessDays Virtual
Growing a Serverless Team — ServerlessDays ANZ
0 to Serverless in 10 Months — GCS Connect Meetup

Talk Slides

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Sheen Brisals

Engineer. Architect. Leader. Writer. Speaker. At The LEGO Group. AWS Serverless Hero.